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Willa Krause Skin Care

The Willa Krause Group

The Willa Krause Group is a well established, 40-year-old business. The Willa Krause Group consist of Willa Krause Skincare, DC Laboratories and SCW Consulting.

Willa Krause started her first business, Argilla Pottery, in 1978. Argilla Pottery is a South African pottery range, exclusively sculpted by craftsmen and made from high-quality clay at a factory North of Pretoria. Due to the heat of the kilns and the dust of the clay, the condition of Willa’s skin deteriorated and she decided to challenge some of the world’s best scientists to create the Willa Krause Skin Care range. Willa Krause Skincare was established in 1989 and offers solutions to all skin types and ages, by incorporating the highest quality raw materials available worldwide. Today Willa Krause Skin Care boasts with the latest technology in micro-current facial stimulation, incorporated in the NEW and upgraded Meso Rejuvenator Non-Surgical Face Lift Machine, specifically developed to use with the Willa Krause Skin Care range. The newest addition to the Willa Krause Range is the Willa Krause Photon Ultrasonic Skin Care device and the Micro Photon Needle therapy.

Willa Krause Skin Care has numerous salons and a large marketing force throughout Southern Africa and has represented South Africa at various international Beauty and Cosmetic Expos including the renowned Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy. The Willa Krause Professional Makeup range is expanding, its easy to use makeup range is suitable for everyday wear but can also be used for bridal, photographic and television makeup artistry.

Willa Krause Skin Care offers you effective, affordable products using highly active raw materials to ensure the best results. Our products are formulated in South Africa specifically with the Southern African climate in mind. It prevents and protects the skin against dehydration and sun damage while fighting the signs of ageing. Willa Krause Skin Care is research based, result orientated skin care with active ingredients. Willa Krause Skin Care is an investment in your skin and an excellent business opportunity!


The Willa Krause Skin Care Team

The dynamic and creative Willa Krause Skin Care Head Office Team are here to assist and help you build your Skin Care Business. We offer regular marketing and product training. Liesel and Siebert hosts events to assist potential marketing managers and, upon appointment, Liesel also does guest appearances at marketer functions that can assist in sales and customer relations.


DC Laboratories

DC Labs is a fellow-subsidiary company within the Willa Krause Group responsible for scientific research, development and testing of new skin care, body care and perfume ranges.

DC labs also provide contract manufacturing and filling of personal care and cosmetic products for other clients. Formulations are based on the requirements and vision of the client and are backed up by over 10 years' experience in manufacture, strong principals and a scientific approach.

Willa Krause approached a well-known chemist with years of experience and requested the development of an all-in-one skin care product, affordable enough for the average person on the street. It marked the beginning of a close working relationship with Johan Rossouw, a highly qualified chemist who comes from three generations of chemists. He developed most of our existing skin care range.

Our current formulator technical manager, Eileen Botes shares her great love for formulation in cosmetics and personal care. She brings a strong background in health care and natural products to the table.