Rub On Relief

A cream that contains cedarwood, vetiver and menthol that assists in pain relief, reduces inflammation and muscle tension. Linalool is a specialised raw material that promotes penetration of the above active ingredients into the affected area.

Experience relief from:
Burning painful feet, Aching knees and elbows, Hip & Back Pain, Muscle pain & spasms, Menstrual Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, Growing pains in children, Stress related pain, Sinusitis

“I know what it is to suffer night after night as a result of pain, or to even wake-up from pain that won’t subside. I approached the Willa Krause Skin Care Research and Development Chemist to formulate a cream to aid in the relief of pain. After a year of research, development and testing, the results have been phenomenal.

People have been experiencing relief from numerous painful symptoms. It is with both gratitude and confidence that I can recommend the Rub on Relief. It really works!”

Willa Krause (Founder of Willa Krause Skin Care)


“Willa, ek wil jou net bedank vir die wonderlike Rub on Relief pynroom. Ek is 10 jaar terug gediagnoseer met atritis, maar veral die laaste 3 jaar, het dit onuithoubaar geword. Pyn in my skouers & spier spasma in my arms. Ek kan nie veel fisiese werk doen nie. Oor die jare het ek alle raad & rome probeer met swak resultate wat my baie geld gekos het. Tans drink ek net my voorgeskryfde medikasie en geen ekstra pyn pille nie. Smeer net Rub on Relief wanneer nodig. Julle het regtig hier ‘n treffer! Groete met ‘n pyn & spasmavrye liggaam. Nou kan ek weer my lewe geniet!”
Hettie Taljaard

For enquiries regarding ‘Rub On Relief’, please send a request to Willa Krause Skin Care direct and we will gladly assist you.

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