Meso-Lift Rejuvenator

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a medical technique which involves micro-injections of a unique combination of specialised ingredients into the mesoderm within a problematic area. Many people are uncomfortable with the concept of multiple injections, therefore experts have sought ways to offer ‘no-needle’ alternatives.

No-needle options aim to promote the penetration of active ingredients (like with mesotherapy) when applied topically using electrical currents to assist in transportation of these ingredients through the protective barriers of the skin.

After extensive research on micro-current facial stimulation, all the gathered experience was incorporated in the Meso-Lift Rejuvenator, a non-surgical face-lift machine, specifically designed to be used with the Willa Krause Skin Care range.

The Meso-Lift Rejuvenator offers a pain-free option which is simple, safe, relaxing and much more affordable than traditional mesotherapy.

The Rejuvenator offers the following:

After Treatment

Before Treatment

  • Skin Test – Evaluate moisture levels and ensure correct diagnosis of the skin’s condition.
  • Active Instant Lift – A dramatic instant lift for a special occasion (For young or mature skin types).
  • Deep Hydration – A deep moisturising facial for dehydrated skin (For oily-, normal- or dry skin types).
  • Deep Cleanse – Remove impurities and surface build-up from the skin (For oily-, problem- or normal skin types).
  • Deep Stimulation – A course of 3 treatments for mature skin which has lost elasticity, premature aged skin and sun damaged skin.
  • Skin Enhancement – To smooth and refine the texture of the skin (face or body).
  • Spa Lift – Firming of the skin done over a course of 3 treatments, 1 every day for 3 consecutive days (results lasts for 2-4 weeks)
  • Rescue Lift – Firming of the skin done over a course of 3 treatments, 1 every 2nd day (results lasts for 2-3 months).
  • Desensitizing – A course of 6 treatments for skin types which over stimulate quickly. Improves skin’s resistance to dehydration and improves the skin’s immunity.
  • Tissue Repair – An invigorating treatment for extra benefits of the products used in a basic facial.
  • Meso-Lift – A no-needle alternative to traditional mesotheraphy
  • Non Surgical Face Lift – Course of 12 treatments with maintenance –Recommended as the most effective lift with long lasting results. Monthly maintenance treatments are advised.

For enquiries regarding the Meso-Lift Rejuvenator, please send a request to Willa Krause Skin Care direct and we will gladly assist & process your order.

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