LipToxyl X3 Revolumizing Lipcare

The next generation in lipcare technology. An advanced alternative to invasive lip injections. Over time, lips lose healthy and youthful fullness, becoming thinner, more lined and less well-defined.This super-charged lip plumping system features a threefold approach to re-hydrate, re-smooth and re-volumize lips. Within three hours of application, this powerful combination of active ingredients has been clinically proven to plump lips by 158%, increase hydration by 155% and improve smoothness by 533%, delivering both immediate and long-term benefits.

Lips stay plump and hydrated. Lip Toxyl® X3 Revolumizing Lipcare is a lightweight, soothing treatment that works as a true architectural solution to return lips to young-looking contours, a less-lined appearance and cushiony plumpness. Unique Lip Response Technology is a synergistic trio of the most effective ingredients from the natural and scientific worlds. A botanical extract, from a species of the cork tree, is combined with two peptides that mimic the principal structural components of the lips.

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